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Hi I am Taaka Dorman your go to Realtor here is Kershaw, and surrounding areas SC. I have a passion for helping everyone! That’s why when I was approached to join Heroes Housing, I was honored. I have friends that are teachers. I have an uncle that was in the marines and a neighbor that served as a firefighter for 32 years. Also a daughter in-law that’s a X ray Tec. So I know of just some.. of the scarifies they make everyday. That’s why it’s my pleasure to give 25% of my commission in credit to the seller or home buyer. And the joy of seeing that smile knowing I did my small part.

I work with and give all clients the same passion as Heroes or Non-Heroes! You’re still a hero in my book! Keep your chin up and call on me.

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Margaret Robinson

Mortgage Banker

NMLS 474262


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