Heroes Housing provides discounts and financial support, and can save thousands when selling or purchasing a home. Our realtors and their local partners can work with our hometown heroes — teachers, firefighters, military/veterans, police and first responders to save significant money!

Ways you could save are:

  • Discounts on Home Inspection, up to $150 value
  • Basic Home warranty, up to $450 value
  • Reduced lender fees, up to $2,000 value
  • No cost pre-approval, up to $500 value
  • Appraisal Report, up to $500 value
  • Reduced Real Estate Commission up to 25% off fees when buying or selling
  • Reduced Title fees

We have gone out and negotiated on your behalf for these discounts and our realtors believe in this program and our foundation so much they are willing to rebate some of their commission back to you as a THANK YOU for your service! Realtor partners can also often negotiate up to 3% (or up to 6% for government loans) in seller concessions to help cover your closing costs. Save THOUSANDS of dollars when purchasing a home through our Heroes Housing Program.

Another way we can help is our Home-savers program is funded through our Heroes Housing Foundation and assists Heroes and their families who are struggling with their mortgage due to disability or death to help bridge the gap with their mortgage during their crisis by making your 1st mortgage payment. Our services are FREE to our Heroes as a non-profit organization. Our Executive Director is a Nationally Certified Foreclosure Document Examiner who has worked as an Expert Witness in Foreclosure Prevention Cases.


Paula Cardi


(401) 524-0770


Your home should be a DREAM come true, your sanctuary!  Whether you’re buying your first home, a home to fit your growing family, or seeking that retirement residence, your home should be your DREAM HOME that fits the current phase of your life. 

I was raised in Western NY but my home has been in Rhode Island for the past 28 years.  With over 30 years of experience in sales and 15 years of fundraising for local charities, I have developed the negotiation skills to maximize your profits from selling your property and/or getting you that dream property at the best possible purchase price. I have traded in my passion for fundraising, replacing that with a passion of finding you your dream home.  

As a wife, mom of three adult children, grandma to one and of course a mom to my fur babies and homeowner myself, I understand that your home is more than just a place to live — it’s where you make long-lasting memories.  

I have been successful in establishing a following of several thousand local contacts on social media. The marketing reach to sell your home is wide-spread.  I help my clients navigate the often challenging waters of the home buying and selling process,  with the end result only being a wonderful experience. While buying or selling your dream home, the experience should be nothing less than seamless. 

I will not only deliver my clients the house of their dreams, but will also make them feel like they have finally arrived home.

It would be an honor to work with you!

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Scarlett Roger (Lender) NMLS 1877247 813-360-2806 scarlett.roger@angeloakhomeloans.com

Scarlett Roger  is a Mortgage Professional in Tampa, Florida    proudly servicing our clients in their homebuying process,  for the past 30 years.  As the Founder of Heroes housing and the wife of a Retired Fire Captain, as well as a Grand Daughter of a Marine Veteran,  Scarlett has found a passion in serving our community of Heroes and assisting them with their homebuying needs. Scarlett is honored to educate our homeowners on Loan Programs for their specific needs. We service all varieties of Clients both Hero and non-Heroes in loan program variations from Condos, FHA, VA, Conventional and USDA. As a founder of Heroes Housing assistance, we contribute a portion of all of our transactions to our Heroes Housing Foundation.

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