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Heroes Housing Assistance was formed by Scarlett Singleton Roger, a wife of a firefighter. After 20 years in Lending/Real Estate and working in the NON-Profit sector it became painfully clear that when the housing crisis hit it was our Heroes that seemed to be effected the worse despite what they were doing day in and day for our Country and Communities. After researching most programs we found that most other programs not only charge a marketing fee but also demand a percentage of their agents commission. That did not sit well when these programs are geared to helping our heroes, not to make a buck off a Niche.
So Heroes Housing Assistance was created and has hit the ground running in the Tampa Bay Area and is now expanding.

Our Real Estate Affiliates have found that the program gives them a unique niche in a very competitive real estate market.

Here are some of the things we offer you with our Membership
-Regular ongoing Training and Support-Monthly Webinar with other Affiliates to trade useful tips and market updates.
-In-house web development staff to keep you up-to-date on the newest technology.
-Personalized Custom Website Landing page with Heroes Housing URL. Includes a crm system set up within your page.
-Customizable Commercials and videos
-Presence at National Hero Gatherings, events and conventions
-Custom marketing starter kits: brochure and marketing templates that are print ready.

-Ongoing monthly marketing packs.

-HOTdeals program offering your hero clients savings beyond the real estate transaction.

If you would like to join us please fill out the form below and then pay to sign up! After you fill out the form and pay we will send you a our contract insuring your area. We only take 1 affiliate per 250k for each county. Our goal is to help you grow your team. If you are a broker or have a team and want access to the entire county please email for more information.

Please make sure you fill out this form so we can send you the contract to get started!

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