You have applied for membership in the Heroes Housing Affiliate Network, and You agree to comply with the terms of this Heroes Housing Affiliate Network Real Estate Agent Participation Agreement (“Agreement”)

Real Estate Agent –

As a Real Estate Agent, You certify that you meet the following Heroes Housing criteria:

✓ You are a Real Estate Agent with a current and valid license to sell real estate in your state of practice.

✓ You are a full-service Real Estate Agent.

✓ Your online client reviews and public internet presence are in keeping with the high quality and standards required to be a Heroes Housing Affiliate.

✓ You are a member in good standing with your local professional Real Estate Association.

✓ You are in good standing with the Real Estate licensing authority in your state.

✓ You have acquired and will maintain appropriate insurance coverage including Errors and Omissions and professional liability insurance.

✓ You are either a broker or are supervised by a broker/manager in your state.

✓ You are a member of the local MLS if one is available.

1. Heroes Housing Obligations.

Heroes Housing will provide Affiliate with:

(a) Logos, graphics, and other trademarked materials for your duplication or purchase, as applicable.

(b) Practical ideas and strategies to help you develop, nurture, and maintain

relationships with heroes in your community.

(c) A welcome on the Heroes Housing Page including a photo and bio.

(d) An optional Heroes Housing, customizable affiliate web page.

(e) Informative orientation and how-to videos and other presentations and webinars.

(F) You will have access to Heroes Housing back-office CRM training so you understand full the capabilities of the system. You also have a direct text feature and an email feature directly from the system.

(g) The Heroes Housing CRM allows the user to call, text and email from the system.

(h) Cross Social Media Marketing on your pages daily

(I) You have the ability to place your leads in different pipelines according to their needs ie. Hero, 1st-time buyer, waterfront, Townhome/condo.  

(J) You also can merge a Calendly App so you can schedule meet-ups with your potential clients. There are many more great features with this CRM 

Add On’s :

1.    Monthly Marketing Kit – $50 to include 50 pieces plus candy and bags for distribution.

2.    Fb or Google ads- The ability to run an ad with our preferred Lender at $375.00 per month each.

These 2 add ons to be co-marketed and split with our preferred Lender.

Marketing pieces at $25 per 50 pieces, $50 per 100 pieces, and $75 per 150 pieces. 

2. Affiliate Membership Effective Dates and Package Selection.

2.1 Effective Dates. This Agreement is for three months. This Agreement will not renew automatically unless you agree to.

2.2 Membership. You have selected Heroes Housing Affiliates Silver Offer Membership(s), with a $25 setup fee and $75.00 paid per month with a 6-month commitment.

Heroes Housing memberships are for individual Affiliates only. For multiple

memberships for individuals in the same office, each affiliate must execute a Real

Estate Agent Participation Agreement Addendum.

If the monthly payment is selected:

(a) Payment Authorization for Credit Card. You must complete and submit a credit

card recurring charge authorization form through your Affiliate Toolbox. The

first payment will be charged at the time of Agreement execution, and

subsequent payments will be charged on the same day each month thereafter.

(b) No Right to Withhold. You agree that the total fee is owed to Heroes Housing.

 You may not withhold payments due to Heroes Housing for any reason, including on grounds of alleged nonperformance.

(c) Acceleration. If any monthly payment is not paid in full on time when due, the

entire balance will become immediately due and payable.

2.3 Overdue Payment. If You do not pay Heroes Housing on time, Heroes Housing may at its sole discretion:

(a) immediately terminate your membership for a material breach of this

The agreement, by Section 8;

(b) pursue collection against You, through litigation or other collection

methods, for all amounts owed under this Agreement, plus all collection

costs, court costs, and attorneys’ fees incurred;

(c) combine any of the above rights and remedies as permitted by law; or

(d) pursue any other right or remedy permitted by law.

3. Party Relationship.

3.1 No Business Entity. This Agreement does not create any agency, joint venture, or

partnership between You and Heroes Housing. Neither party may impose or

create any obligation or responsibility, express or implied, or make any promise,

representation, or warranty on behalf of the other party, other than as expressly

provided in this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement may be construed to make

Your employees or agents the employees or agents of Heroes Housing. Heroes Housing is not liable to pay wages, insurance, or to assume any other obligation as an employer. No acts performed or representations, whether oral or written, made by You, concerning third parties, shall be binding on Heroes Housing.

3.2 No Franchise. The relationship created by this Agreement does not constitute –

and is not intended to constitute – Heroes Housing granting of a franchise to

Affiliate. No federal, state, or local franchise statute, law, regulation, or rule is

intended by the parties to apply to the parties’ relationship, nor will any such

franchise statute, law, regulation, or rule be considered or construed to apply to the

formation, operation, administration, termination, or expiration, of this Agreement.

You expressly acknowledge that You have not paid, and will not pay, any franchise

fee to Heroes Housing in connection with this Agreement. To the extent

permissible under applicable law, you hereby waive your rights under any

franchise, business opportunity, or similar laws.

3.3 Affiliate Representations Regarding Current Business and Experience. You recognize that Heroes Housing is relying on your representations in entering into this Agreement and to fall within the exemptions and exclusions from franchise registration, disclosure, or relationship laws under the “fractional franchise” exemption or exemptions from “business opportunity laws,” to the extent necessary under applicable law. In particular, You make the following representations:

(a) The business to be conducted under this Agreement does not constitute the starting of a new business. Rather, the business you will conduct under this Agreement will expand or enhance your current business. You have determined that the success of your core business is not dependent on the Heroes Housing Program that you are adding to your current business.

(b) You are experienced and knowledgeable in your existing business and recognize that any controls or assistance that might be provided to you by Heroes Housing will relate only to the Heroes Housing portion of your business and not to the operation of any of your other business activities, such as your current business.

(c) You expressly acknowledge and understand that the representations you make in paragraphs 3.1-3.3 of this Agreement are a condition for our decision to enter into this Agreement and that if the following statements are not accurate or are not based on your good faith judgment, you will be in material breach of this Agreement.

4. Affiliate Obligations.

4.1 Ethical Practices. Heroes Housing has built a successful business by honoring and serving heroes through extraordinary service, savings, and rewards. Heroes Housing believes that it will continue to grow and become even more successful without succumbing to legally questionable or unethical demands or practices. You must ethically conduct Your business.

4.2 Hero Registration. To ensure that all heroes receive the benefits of working with the Heroes Housing Program, You must offer the Heroes Housing to all hero clients with which you work, regardless of the source of the client,  if the hero was previously known to you, referred from another source, or obtained through your efforts you do not have to register. All hero clients that were referred to you through Heroes Housings marketing efforts must be registered through the Heroes Housing Website to participate in the Program. If the hero did not enter his information directly to be assigned to You through the website, You must ensure that the hero’s name and information are added to the database through the website when the Hero Disclosure is completed, as set forth below. Wherever You provide potential hero clients with an online mechanism to register with the Heroes Housing, through any website or social media platform or otherwise, You must use your Heroes Housing affiliate web page URL as the sole link for hero registration. Providing alternative registration constitutes prohibited competition against the Program as set forth below.

4.3 Notification to Brokers. You agree to notify Your broker/managers about the Heroes Housing and to communicate the fees associated with hero-client transactions as outlined in Section 5 below.

4.4 Serving Hero Clients. Heroes registering with Heroes Housing have indicated an interest in buying, selling, or refinancing a home. Each hero is assigned to a specific affiliated real estate agent and/or loan officer. Referring to the hero client to another agent or loan officer is a direct conflict with the Program. When working with a hero client, You agree not to directly or indirectly promote or influence the hero to use an alternative agent or mortgage provider.

If you are unable to work with a hero client who registered through Heroes Housing, you should decline the hero assignment immediately and Heroes Housing will reassign the hero to another affiliate. If you initially accept a hero assignment or if the hero inquires about the Program directly to you, but you are unable to serve that hero, you should contact Heroes Housing for assistance in re-directing the hero. There shall be no referral fees requested or required among affiliates. You acknowledge that Heroes Housing will regularly communicate with the hero throughout the home buying/selling or refinancing process to understand the quality of service provided by You. You understand that Heroes Housing may reassign a hero to another affiliated agent or loan officer at any time for reports of service falling below Heroes Housing’ standards, at the request of the hero, or Heroes Housing’s sole discretion.

  4.5 Non-Disparagement. You agree that you will not at any time, directly, indirectly, or through any other person or entity disparage in any manner whatsoever Heroes Housing or any of its employees, officers, or directors, either individually or in their official capacity. You agree further that your obligations under this provision survive the termination of this Agreement.

5. Transaction Requirements.

When working with a hero during the term of your Heroes Housing membership, regardless of the source of the client, You agree to follow the Heroes Housing Program transaction requirements. If your membership terminates for any reason after You begin working with a hero, you must still complete all Program requirements for that hero.

An overview of the closing process and copies of all required transaction documents are provided to You in the online Affiliate Toolbox. Promptly submitting hero transaction paperwork and referral fees is vital to timely provide heroes with their savings, meet their expectations, and fulfill our promise to them.

5.1 Hero Disclosure Form. You must review the Heroes Housing Program, savings, and closing process with each hero at the time they begin working with you, and have each hero client sign the Hero Disclosure form at that time.

If the closing involves a special circumstance (such as new construction, short sale, or bank-owned property), contact Heroes Housing to establish the appropriate Reward and Hero Disclosure statement to use.

Should any changes occur after execution, You must update the Hero Disclosure form accordingly, with the hero initialing and dating each change.

5.2 Hero Closing Instructions.

5.2.1 Hero Buyers For buyers obtained by you, you agree to contribute 25% of your commission towards buyers closing costs and prepaid. Upon successful closing of a hero buyer’s transaction, You agree to pay 25% of your net commission on the hero buyer side of the transaction.

5.2.2 Hero Sellers   With the sale of a Heroes home the local Affiliated Realtor will list the house at  .25% to .5% less in lieu of a contribution.

5.3 Net Commission  The net commission is the amount of commission paid to and received by you after any splits, agency distributions, administration fees, other agency fees, referral fees, or taxes. The net commission amount will be determined and validated using the Closing Disclosure (and if the Closing Disclosure does not fully document net commission and buyer/seller splits, the MLS).

5.4 Affiliate Responsibility  It is your responsibility as the Heroes Housing Affiliate to ensure that all paperwork is completed and submitted timely and that the referral fees are paid in full and on time. If you know that your paperwork will not be submitted within two (2) business days after closing due to administrative error, You must notify Heroes Housing and the hero of the delay. If Heroes Housing notifies You that any item is missing or requires clarification, You must respond to Heroes Housing notice within twenty-four (24) hours. You must send any requested item(s) to Heroes Housing for receipt the same day or the next day (if mailing is required, items must be sent via overnight mail delivery at your expense). Your failure to provide the hero disclosure, transaction paperwork, referral fee, and/or commission discount shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement.

6. Indemnification.

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Heroes Housing and its owners and any of its employees from and against claims, actions, or demands, including without any limitation any legal or accounting fees, made by any third party allegedly resulting from your actions or inactions under or related to this Agreement, including but not limited to your material breach of this Agreement.

7. Litigation.

7.1 Jurisdiction and Venue. If a dispute arises between the parties, then either party may file suit in either Hillsborough County, Hillsborough District Court for the 13th Judicial District. Both parties consent to exclusive personal jurisdiction in Hillsborough and venue in the above-named Hillsborough courts.

7.2 Attorneys’ Fees. If Heroes Housing prevails in enforcing the Agreement against You, then You are responsible for all reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, and/or collection costs incurred by Heroes Housing.

7.3 Remedies for Your Breach of Sections 9 or 10 of this Agreement. You agree that, should you violate Your obligations under either Sections 9 or 10 of this Agreement, Heroes Housing will suffer irreparable harm for which no adequate remedy exists at law in addition to other monetary damages which are difficult to quantify. Accordingly, if you violate Sections 9 or 10 of this Agreement, Heroes Housing may (1) recover liquidated damages from you for $50 per day of violation, which you agree to be a reasonable approximation of harm caused by your breach of either Section 9 or 10, payable no later than fifteen (15) days after demand, and (2) seek any other legal or injunctive relief, including, but not limited to, injunctive relief to stop any breach of the Agreement.

8. Suspension and Termination.

8.1 Suspension. Heroes Housing may, at its option and sole discretion, suspend your membership at any time due to Your breach of this Agreement. Heroes Housing will notify you in writing of your suspension. Suspension of your membership renders you ineligible to receive any hero assignments and to access Heroes Housing materials. You must comply with Heroes Housing’s requested cure of your breach to return your account to active status.

8.2 Termination By Heroes Housing. Heroes Housing may, at its option and sole discretion, terminate this Agreement at any time due to Your breach of this Agreement. Heroes Housing will notify you in writing of your termination.  If Heroes Housing opts to terminate your membership mid-term and You elected the upfront payment option, Heroes Housing will provide a pro-rated refund (calculated by several full months remaining in your current annual term). If Heroes Housing opts to terminate your membership mid-term and You elected the monthly payment option, all fees owed through the date of termination remain due and payable. By providing your credit or debit card account information at any time, you authorize Heroes Housing to apply this method of payment, per applicable law, to satisfy any amounts due upon Termination.

8.3 Termination By Affiliate. Your membership will not renew automatically after three months, we will get in contact with you before the 3 months expire to see if you would like to continue.

Upon receipt of your termination email, Heroes Housing will immediately suspend your membership account.

9. Rights to Use Confidential Business Information.

9.1 Confidential Information. You recognize and agree that you will have access to

and a limited right to use the certain intellectual property of Heroes Housing while your Affiliate membership is active. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted materials, trade secrets, trademarks, business methods of Heroes Housing, and any other information that Heroes Housing designates as confidential (“Confidential Information”). You will only make use of such Confidential Information in the course of your duties as an Affiliate and for no other purpose whatsoever. You agree not to use Heroes Housing Confidential Information in a manner that is detrimental to Heroes Housing in any way.

9.2 Non-Compete Obligations During the Term of This Agreement. You agree not to compete with Heroes Housing or its affiliates, directly or indirectly, during your Heroes Housing membership term.

Heroes Housing markets, advertises, offers, and provides real estate and other business savings to heroes, as a nationwide company and Program and also through its local affiliates like You. As a Heroes Housing Affiliate, You will be expected to market, advertise, offer and provide real estate savings to heroes, through the Heroes Housing Program, throughout the real estate market area in which You operate (including, but not limited to, your Promotional Area as set forth below) following our Program guidelines.

You hereby certify that neither You nor your applicable supervising company/ office/broker/manager is marketing, advertising, offering, or providing real estate savings to heroes, as of the Effective Date of this Agreement.

Failure to enroll a hero client in the Program, to provide a hero client with the promised savings, or to report a hero closing to Heroes Housing shall constitute competition with Heroes Housing and a breach of this provision.

You are encouraged to incorporate your Heroes Housing affiliation into your existing business website, social media, and other promotional platforms wherever possible, as appropriate and by the brand and marketing guidelines provided to You in your Affiliate Toolbox. Misrepresentation of your affiliation and/or use of alternative program name(s) shall constitute competition with the Program.

9.3 Non-Compete Obligations Following Termination of This Agreement. If this Agreement is terminated for any reason, You agree that You will not, for 24 months following the date of the termination, will not establish nor join another hero discount program unless outside of the market area specified in Section 13. f in which the Agent currently operates while this Agreement is in force.  For this Agreement, a program shall be construed as any named and branded business venture similar to Heroes Housing, Homes for Heroes, or any other registered entity which provides discounts for heroes. For purposes of this provision, the business activities of Heroes Housing and its affiliates include the marketing, advertising, offering, and/or providing of real estate-related hero savings, directly or indirectly through a program. Competition in violation of this provision includes, but is not limited to, online advertising of real estate-related hero savings which could reasonably be interpreted to apply to heroes in the market area in which you operated while this Agreement was in force. You agree that this limitation is reasonable and necessary to protect Heroes Housing’s legitimate business interests.  This Agreement does not prohibit the Agent’s right to offer any discount to heroes including but not limited to firefighters, law enforcement, first responders, teachers, military members, and healthcare professionals solely as an individual so long as the discount is not in correlation with a competing hero discount program.  

If Heroes Housing brings an action to enforce the restrictions in Paragraph 9.3, then the length of the non-compete period shall be extended to 24 months from the date that a court finds that You violate the provision. This remedy is in addition to any additional remedies available to Heroes Housing for breach of this Agreement.

Although Florida law applies to this section (and this entire Agreement), the restrictions in this section do not apply to the extent they are inconsistent with applicable state law. Similarly, if any term, provision, covenant, or condition of this section is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to exceed the limitations permitted by applicable law, as determined by such court in such action, then the provisions will be deemed reformed to the maximum less restrictive limitations permitted by applicable law and You hereby expressly consent to such reformation.

9.4 Co-Marketing Affiliates

Each affiliate member agrees to refer and co-market with their heroes housing affiliate partner.

10. Trademark.

10.1 Ownership and Validity of Marks. Heroes Housing owns the registered trademarks identified in Terms of Use in paragraph 13(e). The Marks are proprietary and at all times remain Heroes Housing property. You acknowledge the validity of the Marks, as well as Heroes Housing exclusive ownership of the Marks.

10.2 No Infringement. You must not do anything to infringe on, harm, dilute, or contest the validity of Heroes Housing Marks.

10.3 Affiliate’s Use of Heroes Housing Trademark. You may use the Marks in connection with your affiliation with the Heroes Housing program provided such use is consistent with the terms of this Agreement and the Heroes Housing branding and marketing guidelines. Unless Heroes Housing specifically agrees otherwise in writing, any such promotion will be nonexclusive and at Your sole cost and expense.

10.4 Prohibited Uses. You may not use the Marks or any other trademarks owned by Heroes Housing, including but not limited to any derivative of the phrase “Heroes Housing,” as part of your business or trade name or as part of any name under which You conduct business. You may not assign or transfer its right to use the Marks.

10.5 No Grant of Rights in Trademark. Permission to display the Marks, or any other proprietary word or symbol owned by Heroes Housing is only as stated in paragraph 10.3 above. Nothing in this Agreement grants You any right, title, or interest in the phrase “Heroes Housing” (either alone or in association with other words, names, or symbols), or the corporate names “Heroes Housing” or any other trademark or trademarks adopted or owned by Heroes Housing. 

10.6 Heroes Housing Right to Control and Approve Use. To help Heroes Housing protect its trademarks, trade names, corporate slogans, and goodwill, You agree not to use any of Heroes Housing trademarks, names, slogans, or designations in any advertising, copy, promotional material, signs, or other written materials except in a form that Heroes Housing specifically approves in writing. Heroes Housing may, at any time, request, and You shall promptly deliver to Heroes Housing, samples, photos, or prototypes of any products to ensure the products conform to the Heroes Housing specifications and quality control standards. You agree not to own, administer, manage, or use any websites, website landing pages, and/or social media sites or pages, that include the words “Heroes Housing,” or any other program trademark or similar variations thereof, in the domain or web address name, except for the domain and web page specifically provided to you by Heroes Housing.

10.7 Mandatory Discontinuation of Use. Upon termination of this Agreement, You will immediately discontinue (A) your use or display of the Marks and (B) any representation that states or implies that You are connected with Heroes Housing.

Any hero-targeted materials (including, but not limited to, special URL, team name, nickname, dba, or other niche marketing designation) used by You during your Heroes Housing membership must be removed immediately upon membership termination. You agree that Heroes Housing will suffer irreparable harm and damages which are difficult to quantify if you should improperly use or display its Marks and/or improperly represent yourself as being connected to Heroes Housing.

11. Limitations.

11.1 Limitation of Liability. Heroes Housing total liability in any matter arising out

of or related to this Agreement is limited to the number of annual fees paid under

Paragraph 2.2 of this Agreement. Your sole remedy is to ask that Heroes Housing

refund the annual fees paid. In no event will Heroes Housing be liable for

incidental, special, or consequential damages, including loss of profits, interference

with business prospects or contract, the frustration of economic or business

expectations, or any claim against You or some other third party.

11.2 Time to Sue. Your obligations under Provisions 9 and 10 survive the termination of this Agreement. Except for actions by Heroes Housing seeking to enforce those obligations, no action for breach of this Agreement may be brought more than two years after the cause of action accrues. Where a shorter limitation period is provided by applicable law for a particular claim, no action may be brought after that period expires.

11.3 No Representations. Any information, advice, approvals, instructions, or

projections made or issued by Heroes Housing sales personnel or other

representatives will be considered expressions of personal opinion only and will

not affect either party’s rights or obligations under this Agreement.

12. General.

12.1 Notices. You must provide Heroes Housing with your current mailing address, email address, and phone number at the Effective Date of this Agreement, and update your account promptly if any changes occur. If Heroes Housing contacts you by phone, You consent to the recording of all calls for quality assurance and training purposes. Heroes Housing may deliver any notices required or permitted by this Agreement to You via regular first-class U.S. mail, email, and/or your Affiliate Toolbox, at its discretion. You agree that electronic signatures are acceptable instead of original signatures for all purposes.

12.2 Governing Law. Florida law applies to this Agreement without regard for any choice-of-law rules that might direct the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.

12.3 Invalid Provision. If any part of this Agreement is for any reason held to be unenforceable, the rest of it remains fully enforceable.

12.4 Entire Agreement. The parties acknowledge that they have read and understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to be bound by them. This Agreement supersedes all previous proposals, oral or written, and all other communications between parties on the subject matter of this Agreement.

12.5 Modification of Agreement. Additions, deletions, amendments, or changes are collectively called “modifications.” Heroes Housing has the right to unilaterally make any modification of this Agreement at any time by providing written notice of the modification to You. If you receive notice of a material modification of this Agreement, You may opt to terminate this Agreement by providing written notice within thirty (30) days thereafter to Heroes Housing. Oral modification of this Agreement is prohibited.

12.6 Binding Effects. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure solely to the benefit of Heroes Housing and You. This Agreement may be assigned by Heroes Housing to a corporate affiliate, subsidiary, or successor in interest, in Heroes Housing’s sole discretion. This Agreement may not be assigned or otherwise transferred by You, without the prior written consent of Heroes Housing.

12.7 Copies. A printed version of this Agreement and any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in all proceedings based upon or relating to this Agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

13. Terms of Use.

You agree to this “Terms of Use” section and agree to continue to be bound by this section as it may be changed from time to time by Heroes Housing, such changes to take effect upon notice of the change being given by Heroes Housing.

(a) Website. Heroes Housing operates a Website in conjunction with its business as a licensed real estate and services company that connects heroes who want to sell, buy and/or refinance a home with its Affiliates with memberships inactive Status.

(b) Limitation of Liability. The Heroes Housing Website is operated by Heroes Housing. Heroes Housing and its owners and any of its employees are not liable for any errors on the site and are not liable for any communications or interactions between a Heroes Housing Affiliate and a hero client. Heroes Housing is not involved in any transaction of property for sale between buyers and sellers. Should any disputes arise related to your use of the Website or your actions based upon the information contained on the Website, you agree to indemnify and defend Heroes Housing, its owners, and any employees, from any claims or damages. It is the responsibility of Affiliates to maintain all requirements according to any applicable


(c) Web site limitations. Heroes Housing cannot and does not confirm each hero’s

identity. Heroes Housing does not warrant that the Website will operate without

error or that any pages or its server are free of computer viruses or other harmful

devices. Heroes Housing is not responsible for your ability or inability to use the

Web site, and is not responsible for any lost profits or damages resulting from your

use or inability to use the site.

(d) Use. As a condition of your use of the Heroes Housing Website, you agree that

you will not use the Web site for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these

terms, conditions, and notices.

(e) Copyright and Trademark Notices. The contents of the website and associated marketing assets are Copyright 2018 Heroes Housing, Inc.3903 Henderson Ave Suite 203 Tampa Fl 33613. All rights reserved. Heroes Housing, HEROES HOUSING, HEROES HOUSING ASSISTANCE, HOTDEALS4HEROES, HEROES HOUSING FOUNDATION, and the stylized House with Heroes and Flag logo are trademarks and/or service marks of Heroes Housing, Inc.

(f) Promotional Area. Your market area is the geographic zone in which You promote,

advertise and/or sell your services. Heroes Housing will assign You a certain Promotional Area, by zip code, within your larger market area. The purpose of assigning a Promotional Area is to provide parameters for hero assignments and brick and mortar hero location visits. Any military base within a Promotional Area will be available for all Affiliates to visit and promote the Program. Promotional areas are assigned based on availability, and by the population, interest, and demand in a given market. Heroes Housing reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the assigned Promotional Area at the first Anniversary Date of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, with prior written notice.

(g) Business Affiliates Program. Adding local businesses to the Heroes Housing Program is a great way for you to expand your relationship-building efforts and provide more value and savings to heroes. Affiliates serve as some of Heroes Housing’s greatest ambassadors by telling local businesses in their networks about the benefits of the Heroes Housing Business Affiliate program. But Heroes Housing also needs to oversee the use of its brand name.

Therefore, as a Heroes Housing affiliate, you hereby acknowledge that no third party to this agreement may use Heroes Housing business names, trademarks, and logos, including Friends of Heroes®, or represent themselves as affiliated with Heroes Housing or Friends of Heroes, without the express written permission of Heroes Housing or the third party’s agreement with Heroes Housing. You also expressly agree that you do not have the authority to authorize any third party to this agreement to use the Heroes Housing name or logo in any way. If you become aware of unauthorized use of any of Heroes Housing trademarks, you agree to notify Heroes Housing promptly.

14. I certify that this Agreement has been thoroughly explained to me, and I have had an opportunity to ask questions about the terms of this Agreement and to review the Agreement with legal counsel of my choosing.